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About Us

Our Mission

Our incredible fusion of Story Telling along with marketing and content strategy, user experience, technology and unrelenting passion gets us closer to making people to people connect a reality, than we ever thought possible.

Our Vision

We understand people deeply, how their brains work, what makes their hearts soar. We can get you closer to them in turn, ensuring your brands are an intricate part of their lives and experiences. We get closer to your business too. 

Our Philosophy

You’ll soon feel we know your organisation as intimately as you do and trust us for the long journey. We are proud of our associations. From helping you as your integrated marketing teams to deploying the right people to execute your goals, we become one with you. 

Shortly About Us

about_us_img_1NinePings is the brain child of Marketings and Sales experts who have been part of the entire value chain of creating credible businesses. We make brands identify the strength of their story and form strategies around them to Communicate Right and On-Time.

We will Build Operate and Transfer this very critical function. You always have hands on your marketing spends giving you enough breathing space to focus on developing your products ands services. Your branding and communication are in-sync with your objectives.

about_us_img_1We want to help you communicate your business deal with a consistent story line that ensures a good brand recall and drives an emotional value.

We become part of your CMOs office. We set up your content teams and run all your campaigns. We Build, Operate and Transfer your teams to help you gain full potential of the Marketing efforts from your early stage initiatives to a maturity level where you can manage your own teams.

  • Hire a CMO
  • Get the right Marketing strategies
  • Create you Go-To-Market strategy
  • Build your Content strategy
  • Establish a strong Content plan
  • Ensure your Content has a consistent story
  • We tell your stories with Human emotion
  • We call it People to People (P2P) engagement
  • We are your Content Factory
  • We establish your Digital Strategy
  • We humanise your Brand
  • Brand building with a story base to make it livelier
  • Strong connect between Offline and Online efforts
  • Overall an integrated marketing effort for maximum impact

Team Members

Arvind Sunder

There is only one thing to the success of a business and that is People to People connect. Nothing does that better than our old grandma way of story telling. Businesses are…

Arvind Sunder

Archana Ganesh Raj

Archana has been part of several child welfare and training initiatives with several leading NGO’s including UNICEF, CRY, ISEC, DRISHYA, Amnesty International. From being…

Archana Ganesh Raj

Advisor, NGO Communication services

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