Blogging has many direct and indirect benefits, get to know them better.
Arvind Sunder

Arvind Sunder

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5 Indirect benefits of Blogging

There are some indirect benefits of blogging along with direct benefits in SEO,  cannot be ignored. These indirect benefits of blogging include – organic search results, traffic from social platforms or even as UGC – free flowing answers to your visitors. Its all open to your imagination. Lets see some of these indirect benefits.

1. Builds Authority

Most of the websites talk of the services which are very common. The differentiation is possible by showcasing your expertise in your specific field. As you blog, you are now establishing yourself as an expert in your field. The blogs allow you to keep it conversational and open for any kind of discussion helping you to create great amount of familiarity and trust with the visitors and with the search engines. Search engines understand you with their algorithms. They see that you have visitors who are spending time, and finding your content useful.

2. Valuable content on the website

One important and indirect benefit of blogging is the addition of valuable content. We need more content to attract visitors to the website and blogs, which are very engaging and open to discussion. Blogs allow us to use targeted keywords and an opportunity to create links. This is also content that your audience appreciates. Quality content and original blogs means more reasons for people to read, share and probably form reasons for revisiting the website.

3. Answer customers questions

We know regular website content cannot answer all the questions your visitors might have. A good source of answers can be the free-flow blogs that are created as additional, real time content that can address many questions for the visitors. This is a good way to create trust and increase business opportunities.

4. Adrenalin for your social media efforts

Sync up your social media efforts with the blogs. We are now well on our way to create an engaging opportunity with all the visitors to our social media platform. We are now giving more opportunities for people to read and also know the reason behind our blogs, our offerings. The more engagement with our followers means more engagement with our brand and a better opportunity to trust and drive deals.

5. More traffic

The more the engagement reasons, more traffic flow to the website. Blogs will be an additional source for the traffic to the website, means a better awareness of our brand due to more repeat visitors.

If any of these blogs become popular due to the original content, original thought process, it stays on top of the search results, giving better visibility and attracting organic traffic for a long times to come.

USER EXPERIENCE – An indirect benefit of blogging is user experience. Great content gives more reasons for people to stay on your site, which helps better user experience. Search engines give great emphasis to user experience which keeps visitors engaged. Blogging allows people to think creatively and stay true to their thinking. You can explore great ways of communicating. Create info graphs, create video blogs (Vlogs), or just write on your area of expertise, there is a specific audience of your choice which appreciates it. All the best blogging!!

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