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Link building, a “vote of confidence” from one website to another

Search engines adopt a variety of methods to rank your website and also understand how important your content is. This includes Back link building exercise. Links are an important source for search engines to understand the relationships between websites. The links help the search bots to move from one website to the other website, as is intended for the human visitors to travel along to gather more information.

A lot is spoken about Link building exercise when SEO is done on the website. What are the other outcomes of this exercise? I might not suggest anything new but at the same time, I have experience of not everyone giving a very serious attention to this activity. How do we build quality Backlinks to our website!! Let’s look at the major benefits to begin with.

  1. Credibility – Links help build your domain authority strength. Search engines, google as we largely know it, show results with better quality back links by considering the authority. The more links directed towards your site from website with better ranking, the higher is the credibility. This is one of the most important reason, focus on identifying your peer’s sites with superior quality content, higher traffic can be from where exchange of links
  1. Search rankings – Google and other search engines use the backlinks to rank you for their respective search listings. The more quality links coming from good website with original content, better opportunity for scaling up the search ranks. It will be almost impossible for the search engines to rank you without the backlinks.
  1. Increase of traffic – Link building exercise is the best a sure way to increase traffic to your site especially when they come from sites with better authority. Having links on relevant sites means driving more relevant traffic to our website.
  1. Low bounce rates – Attracting relevant traffic through quality backlinks and content helps the visitors to spend more time on your website. Google considers bounces as single page sessions. That means the landing page has to have relevant content and also additional reasons for the traffic to try additional things.
  1. Referral traffic – Since we are on the topic of traffic, the presence of our links on a site of authority ensures regular referral traffic. A permanent link ensures the traffic flows as long as the content is relevant and link remains on the websites.
  1. Increase in visibility – When you are attempting to venture into a new market or start something new, you do look for some kind of visibility. A good source would be to establish quality links with relevant websites. This will create a visibility because of the popularity of the authority site.
  1. Quality relationship among your niche – Having links with sites of authority within the same niche area is recommended. This will help both establishing your own site for other possible benefits in way of collaboration opportunities.

  1. Better revenue opportunities with increase in sales – Traffic coming from all possible third-party sites creates revenue opportunities as more traffic getting directed to your site creates more credible visibility.
  1. Credibility increases which positions your website as an authority – With your brand at the forefront of your industry and sustained link-building helps you increase your authority. People start seeing you as an authority driving better sales and revenues. As an authority now your offerings will be seen and heard with more confidence.
  1. Lastly, the metrics read good with better SEO scores – As an SEO authority for a good long time now, I understand the importance of the metrics. It helps to understand how we are doing overall in targeting the audience we need to and what is or is not working. The metrics to look at are Domain Authority (DA), Domain Rating (DR), Bounce Rates, Page Rank (PR), Alexa Rank and so on. Backlink building increase and improve these metrics and your website will benefit, quality-wise. This will also aid visibility and exposure.
Conclusion : Just like influencer marketing works to market your content in true value, quality back links help build the influence among your niche industry.

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