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Arvind Sunder

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Why is blogging important as an SEO strategy?

Blogging gives an opportunity to position your website as a source of answers for various questions your customers might have in a area of business that you are into. SEO being an important activity, it gets enabled with quality content. Blogs, represent this quality content, if updated regularly. Blogging has Direct and indirect benefits and here we will look into some of the direct benefits.

SEO quality gets a boost with blogging as it helps google identify your website as a genuine source of fresh updated content. Googles algorithms, which can be very tricky, are on the prowl to look for updates, keywords, new language and interactiveness. A website which usually has details of its services or products on the website cannot always bring out freshness without indulging in content. Hence blogs become a quality source and approach to communicate more about their activity.

Lets have a look at a few of the benefits of blogging –

1. Increase in visibility

When you create more topics and content, you have a better chance of visibility as your content gets ranked in the search engines for new topics of interest to people searching for them. So, if you are blogging you are missing out on those fundamentals, you are missing out on a whole new set of visitors and possibly your potential customers.

2. Fresh Content

Google and all other search engines appreciate fresh, up-to-date, useful and relevant content.

By continuously blogging, you are adding fresh content to your website while also building on more reasons for search engines to frequently churn out your source for the visitors. Below you will see more reasons why you have to get blogging.

3. More indexed pages

Search engines themselves are in a race to publish reliable content or search results to visitors. They want websites that can serve credible and trustworthy information. This is possible only when a website has to offer more pages to be indexed. More pages means a larger website and that also means more information to be shared and consumed.

A company hence requires a consistent blogging strategy which also means you are determined to have more pages indexed.

4. More keywords to be ranked

By now we all know search engines reject keyword stuffing. At the same time if the content has to make sense to a visitor, keyword stuffing may deter meaningful reading. Consistent blogging helps to use the blogs as a relevant method to build up keywords relevant to your business, different situations and purposes.

So get blogging, add more content with relevant keywords and attract more visitors who searching for information that you can share and possibly get them converted to your customers.

5. Internal Linking

Blogs can help build explainer content to some of your product features or services, which in turn can be connected through quality Internal links. Isn’t that good enough reason to build links. The whole idea of internal linking is to help visitors navigate better, establish hierarchy and create link juice. Without blogging it would be hard to establish internal links.

When you first build your website, creating internal links will be hard. It takes time to build content, and build internal linking strategy ensuring your website is optimized for search engines.

6. Build on Backlinks

When we discuss linking, we cannot ignore backlinks. Businesses adopting a good SEO strategy will include a backlinking strategy as well. As one of the strategies, we can identify, people or businesses blogging on a topic of common interest and reach out to them and seek links. Additionally the other sites might have more links to similar topics, you can make an effort to reach out to them and exchange linking opportunities.

To identify who is linking you can use backlinking tools ex:
Majestic SEO
Monitor Backlinks

We will continue to discuss more reasons how blogging can help your overall SEO strategy. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts please do share with us. If you want us to discuss any topic of interest to you, let us know and we will get the ball rolling.

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