Before we get going, here are a few no brainers we believe in


We are insatiably curious .

We never stop questioning and asking ‘why not’ and ‘what if’. Our constant curiosity about everything on earth, especially in the world of marketing keeps us on toes.


We work with our customers to add value

As simple as that. If we are not adding value to what you are already doing, then we would prefer not doing it. We won’t waste our money, so we won’t waste yours too.


We work with heart on our sleeves

It doesn’t mean we let our heart fall off the sleeve every now and then. It just means that we take our work to the heart and make sure our customers give their heart back to us, without asking for it!

lets get going, no we did not forget to tell who we are and why we do what we do.. we were just warming up

Why Ninepings the name??

Number “9” has a deep connect with many stories in Indian civilization. To keep it short it is the finality or the completeness. It is considered a complete and perfect number that represents the end of a cycle. 

A story that has a past, current and future that completes and continues the circle of our very existence. From earthly forms of construction architecture to the planetary forms, 9 has always remained significant.

Connect that with what we want to achieve with the content that we develop, a reverberation of sorts that communicates your story and pings every mind.

Is that all you might think. There is definitely more to it. Our core competencies and methods are drawn from our experiences and best practices working with clients across industries.

What makes us different?

We are different in the way we think, operate and deliver. With content being at the core, we craft stories that talk to your customers in the language they understand, and they want to hear. We believe most marketing efforts fail because they are trying to please their chief executives and not the customers. Whether you want more quality leads, drive more visibility for your brand, or simply want to make your online presence powerful, whatever may be your challenge, we formulate a unique solution for you. Nothing pleases more than adding value to what you are currently doing.

The team behind the scenes

As they say, it takes two to tango. With common beliefs and different personalities, the founders of Ninepings bring in the whole new world of experiences to share. The founding team, with over 20 years experience have been driving marketing in diverse industries such as Information Technology, Travel and Tourism, Consumer products, Insurance, Pharma and E-commerce. With expertise in Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology adoptions and Content optimization, they make your Omni Channel adoption an organized and transformational experience. The larger team comprises of freelancers and experienced professionals ready to learn new programs and converting them to business results for you.

I want to be part of such a growth engine – how do I join?

Well, good to know your interest. We are excited to know you. What you bring to us is important. So let’s connect and talk! Drop a few words about yourself here