Non-Profits and Corporates

“Maximize your impact on shaping a better world with the aid of technology and digital tools.”

In today’s digital landscape, navigating the ever-evolving world of technology can feel overwhelming, especially with the limited resources that are available for a non-profit, with social development being the only priority.

The amount of social work required is always more than the work most non-profits have been able to accomplish. In an environment like this, leveraging technology takes a backseat. This is where NinePings joined hands with Anusandhan Social Consultants LLP. Together, we understand the unique challenges non-profits face, and together we offer end-to-end digital and consulting services for non-profits and corporations.

Our team of experts, with more than 20 years experience from both, technology and development sectors, ensures you get to leverage the power of digital tailored for your CSR projects with reasonable budget without taking your attention and time off your work at grassroot level.

Ninepings NGO Services

Digital Services

Social Consultancy Services

Marketing, Communication, Content Strategy

  • Impact Videos
  • Presentations
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters

Content creation

  • Social Media Posts
  • Impact Stories
  • Blogs
  • Reels
  • Videos

Data Collection Automation and Training

CSR Project Support

  • Design Impact Focused Projects
  • Social Impact Project Proposals
  • M & E for Developmental Projects
  • Project Reporting and Documentation


  • Need Assessments
  • Baseline, Midline and Endline Studies
  • Impact Studies
  • Tracer Studies

Our Clients

"Empower your Social Initiatives; our experts will handle technology."

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